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China Vinyl Mat

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Rounded mats

High-Quality Vinyl Mat

Inspired by authentic floor tiles

Shop our collection of round vinyl mats today! Vintage vinyl floor cloths date back to the 18th century and are an affordable way to dress up a room with minimal expense and no messy tile installations. These decorative vinyl mats lay flat, are easy to clean (even your rumba can clean them), are pet-friendly area rugs, hypo-allergenic rugs and look absolutely amazing in any room. Available in standard sizes or order custom size rugs, dress up your room today!


  • Easy to clean: Wipes clean with a wet cloth or cleaning wipes
  • Stain-resistant: Resists spills, spots, and stains
  • Durable: Resists damage from high heels, chair legs, and heavy furniture
  • Protective: High-quality PVC protects your floors
  • Anti-Slip: Anti-slip surface improves safety
  • Pet-friendly: Makes cleaning up any pet’s dirt, saliva, or other messes easy
  • “Sneeze - free“: Doesn’t trap dust mites, pollen, or other common allergens
  • Versatile: Beautiful in indoor or shady outdoor settings

Product info

  • Thickness: ~ 1/8 inch
  • Light weight: 0.2 pounds/square foot
  • Flat: No piles or fibers
  • Composition: 85% PVC ,15% polyester
  • Colors: Product colors may vary slightly from what appears on your screen

Made in the USA

    Made to order. Ready to ship typically within 12-15 business days.




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