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Why V-MAT ?

When Functionality Meets Beauty

 V-MAT is a game-changer when it comes to home décor.
Our decorative vinyl mats are the ideal solution to keep your home stylish and clean.
V-MAT vinyl rugs
vintage vinyl floor cloth
Easy to clean rugs

How V-MAT is going to change your life?

  • Easy to Clean

    Wipeable, stain-resistant and waterproof

  • Safe

    Anti-slip, low-profile and lays flat

  • Pet-Friendly

    Durable, protective and hypoallergenic

  • Customizble

    Customized size, color and shape is available

pet-friendly rugs
best rug for dogs
Easy to clean rugs for dog

 More to know about V-MAT

  • Stylish – Wide selection of designs, colors and patterns.
  • Protective – Durable construction protects your floors.
  • Flat surface  – No piles or fibers - 1/8 inch (2.2 mm).
  • Pet-friendly – Makes cleaning any pet’s dirt, saliva, or other messes easy.
  • Durable – Resists damage from heels and heavy furniture.
  • “Robot-Friendly" – Can be cleaned by most robotic vacuum cleaners.
  • Rug Pad – Is not required.

Made in the USA