What is V-MAT ?

V-MAT is a rug, but simpler.

What do we mean by that?

V-MAT is a flat, pile-free floor mat made of high quality PVC and polyester with a lightly textured surface and a thin layer of digitally printed design. It’s wipeable, lightweight, durable, pet-friendly, hypoallergenic, and anti-slip. As if that weren’t enough it has other properties that make it an ideal floor covering for modern life.


  • Easy to clean – Wipes clean with wet cloth or wipes
  • Stain-resistant – Doesn’t allow penetration of spills, spots, and stains
  • Durable – Resists damage from heels, chair legs, and heavy furniture
  • Protective – High-quality PVC construction protects your floors
  • Anti-slip – Anti-slip surface improves safety
  • Pet-friendly – Makes cleaning any pet’s dirt, saliva, or other messes easy
  • “Sneeze-free” – Doesn’t trap dust mites, pollen, or other common allergens
  • Versatile – Looks great in indoor or shady outdoor settings
  • “Drive-through” – Can be cleaned by most robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Rug Pad – is not required


  • Thickness – ~ 1/8 inch (2.2 mm)
  • Light weight  0.2 pounds/square feet
  • Composition  85% PVC/15% polyester
  • Flat – No piles or fibers
  • Colors Actual colors may vary slightly due to screen calibration



Vmat is a durable and very resistant flat surface