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Pet friendly mat

The Perfect Mats for Pet Lovers

Simply Wipe to Clean!

“This has been the best life-saving mat ever to make clean up a breeze”

  • Easy to Clean

    Wipeable, stain-resistant and waterproof

  • Protective

    Protects your floors from scratches, muddy paws and slobber

  • Long Lasting

    Durable and scratch-proof, no fringe for pets to damage

The Perfect Mats For Pet Lovers

Pet-owner, it won’t get easier than that.

Finally, a true, easy to wipe clean mat designed to make your life easier.

As a pet owner, you know that keeping your home clean and protected from pet-related accidents can be a challenge. Our V-MATs are here to help you change your life forever while keeping your home stylish.

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The Benefits of V-MAT

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