Looking for a kitchen floor mat? Here are 7 reasons to search no more!

Enjoy spending time in your beautiful kitchen without worrying about spills and stains

In so many homes, the kitchen is the center of the house.

From brewing your first cup of coffee to grabbing a light lunch to preparing a fancy five-course meal for friends or family – it’s all about you spending time in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a very dynamic and high-traffic area, with family members going in and out, food or drink spills, water, crumbs all over and if you also have a pet…wow, that’s even more messy.

However, while the kitchen can be a hectic place sometimes, we do want to enjoy spending time there. We want to feel it’s a functional yet warm and elegant space to spend time in.


Kitchen floor mats

Why are we telling you all this? Because V-MAT vinyl mats are the perfect solution for your kitchen. Here are 7 reasons you’ll love them: 

  1. G O R G E O U S designs – If you want your kitchen to stand out and keep the style bar high, you should know that V-MAT, as a lifestyle brand, offers a large selection of beautiful vinyl floor mat designs. From contemporary to authentic Mediterranean floor tiles, textures or ethnic designs, our unique collections will make your kitchen look amazing. 
  1. Easy to clean – Many kitchen floor mat brands are considered washable rugs. While that’s a decent solution, you still need to go through the hassle of placing the rug in your washing machine, waiting for it to dry and then putting it back until the next time it gets a stain. V-MAT vinyl mats are much simpler! Got a spill, stain or crumbs? Just wipe them off with a wet rag and you’re done. 
  1. Sizes for every kitchen – Kitchen floor mat vendors tend to offer very limited size options. In fact, some of the common “anti-fatigue” kitchen mats are only available in small sizes. At V-MAT we offer a large variety of sizes from a small 2’x3’ that goes in front of the sink, to a long kitchen runner mat of 2’x8’ to cover all the work area in front of your kitchen countertop, to an extra-large size of 8’x10’ to cover the entire kitchen floor.
  2. No rug pad required – V-MAT vinyl mats lay flat on the floor and do not require any additional rug pad underneath them.
  1. Unmatched durability – Unlike most traditional rugs with fibers or piles that can be damaged or torn over time, V-MAT has a durable flat surface that can last for years. Its strong construction serves as excellent protection from common wear and tear and scratches to your flooring. V-MAT is so durable that you can even walk on it in high heels and cause no damage. Guaranteed!
  1. Anti-slip – V-MAT has an anti-slip layer for maximum safety when you work or walk around your kitchen.
  1. Custom vinyl mats – If you’re planning your dream kitchen, the V-MAT team is here to support you! We can help you create a custom-sized vinyl mat of your choice. Our design team can even modify the color or shape so you can make your kitchen your most favorite place at home.
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