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Dining area rugs out. Dining area mats in.

Finally – an under-the-dining-table mat that won’t get stained.

You know the feeling: You’ve invited a group of friends for a cozy, relaxing, and tasty dinner at your place. The dining table is elegantly decorated and the food smells amazing.

As everyone is showing up, you realize one of your friends forgot to mention they would be bringing their toddler son along. He’s a great kid, but you planned the evening as an adults-only occasion. Bummer.

Your stress level rises. You just purchased a new, beautiful dining room rug and you know—you just know—the new rug will end the night with a stain!

If you’re looking for dining area rug solutions, you’ve come to the right place. 

V-MAT is offering a revolutionary solution to both decorate and protect the area under the dining table–one that you probably haven’t heard of.

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Whether you’re looking for a formal dining area rug, a small rug, a kitchen and dining area rug or even a round one, we have the best options for you.

Why? Because these are not rugs. These are high-quality, highly-durable, and pile-free vinyl mats.

V-MAT has introduced a new concept: vinyl floor mats for the dining room that are easy to clean, stain resistant, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. They’re also astonishingly durable, so they can protect your dining area flooring from wear and tear when you move chairs around. Did you ever imagine you could get wipeable mats for your dining space that would be so practical? What a refreshing discovery!



Our dining area mats are available in a variety of standard sizes and designs for any purpose or style, up to 8ʹ x 10ʹ, or you can create your own custom-sized mat to perfectly fit your dining table area and needs.

So, don’t wait.

Choose now from our large selection of beautiful designs, including vintage, Mediterranean, ethnic, or contemporary patterns, and keep your dining table area stylish and sparkling clean.

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